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walkerWhen your baby reaches her 7th month, you can already see her trying to stand on her own (as if she can already!). By her 8th to 9th month, you can already place her in a walker where she can already move and tries to walk with the aid of her walker. At first, you’ll see her walking backwards. Yes, she’s so cute! Don’t worry about it, that’s just normal. Time will come as she became adjusted with her walker, she’ll be able to walk forward, and the next thing you know she’ll be really fast as if she is running.

Did you know that letting your child use a walker gives her higher possibility to walk faster (I mean if others can walk by the time he reached 1 year and 2 months, you child can be earlier than that) compared to others? Also, there had been informal observations that babies who have experienced using those walkers are more courageous and eager to walk, compared to other kids who are a bit afraid that they might fall.

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Walker is another nice gift to give our babies, though it’s kind of expensive compared to other baby products. Walkers usually already have a toy, mostly musical ones, attached to the front, so that the baby can play as well and wouldn’t get bored. Also, it has a support (like a polyester cloth below) so your baby can step on it if she can’t reach the floor yet; anyway, you can remove it if she can already. Also, walkers are all adjustable depending on the height of your child.

Walkers come in different designs, styles, sizes, and colors. You have hundreds of choices here to find the best walker for your baby, your niece/nephew, or granddaughter/grandson.