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baby bookThis is one very good choice of what to give to our babies. Since baby books are educational, there are so many advantages of choosing this compared to any other baby stuffs that you may think about. In fact, if I were to ask, this will be my top choice and what would I prefer as the best gifts for my kids.

Did you remember the times when you used to read your baby a book when she was still inside your womb? I actually did that too! Many scientific studies shows that reading them books (yes even if they have not come out yet) make your babies have high IQ compared to others. Some also believes that your baby will talk earlier than others, if you already speak to them when they are still inside your womb. You can also in fact, test their hearing, if you read them fairy tales, then you can suddenly feel she kicks inside you, as if she is trying to communicate with you.

It is so important that in choosing what to give to our babies, first, think if is will be useful to them. Also, you can ask your other friends what they prefer to give to the baby, so you can think of another gift for her.

Baby books may not be quite interesting to them at first. They may even throw it away. If you are not paying close attention, they may even tear all the pages and even swallow the pieces. Of course, we don’t want that to happen.

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Ideally a baby becomes interested in these books if they are already about 9-10 months old, where they can already appreciate colors, and even points at every image that fascinates them. It’s also good to choose for baby books having sound effects, popup images, and other kinds which provide interaction with them. With that, your baby will be more interesting to see them, and time will come, that they will be able to understand it and even appreciate it as you read them their favorite baby books.