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playpenThis is one of the gifts that I expected during my baby shower, although unfortunately, no one gave me one, so I go ahead and buy one for my baby!

Playpens come in different styles. Some look like our baby’s crib, some look like a mini camping tent, while others look more like a fence or better to be called as play yard. I prefer the play yard pen for my daughter since she can move there freely. I’ll just arrange her rubber mat on the floor, set up her playpen, and then put in all her toys inside, and she’ll be playing there as long as she wants.

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Having a playpen is very advantageous since you know that your baby can’t go anywhere far from you. You don’t have to worry that she’ll fall on the stairs, or can get pointed objects around your house that can hurt her. Especially if you cannot have your eyes on her every time, having her placed on her playpen makes you feel secure that she’ll be safe there.

This is one nice baby gift, since not everyone, or very rare that we can think of it as a gift, so if you want to be unique from the rest, you can try giving it to you friend or sister, or any mom with newborns out there. For sure, these moms will be happy to receive this and will be more excited for the time that their baby will already be able to play on her own inside her playpen.