Crib Bedding Set

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crib bedding setThis is one of the usual gifts that we receive in baby showers, christening, or even on our baby’s first birthday. Some of you may say, “Oh, that again?!” But truly, this is one of the safest gifts and one of the most practical baby gifts you can buy and give to our cute little ones.

Also, as for my own experience as a mom, it is much better if my baby has a couple of extra beddings at hand. First, when she accidentally pee on that, then you have an extra right away to be used for her crib as you wash the other and wait till it dries up. Also, the bedding, especially her pillows and comforter, can be used not just for her crib alone.

If we are on a travel, of course we cannot bring our baby’s crib with us. Instead, I just used to carry her beddings, so when we rest in a hotel, my baby can still have the feeling of sleeping on her crib; plus she really can’t sleep without her own pillows around her arms.

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Just a thing to remind you in selecting crib bedding set. Just like with any other baby things like baby clothes, it is safer to choose for plain colored ones, than beddings with lots of prints in it. This is to make it easier for us to see if any insects are crawling around and we can immediately put them away. Also, it is much better to buy the white ones, than the pink ones, so it can be used by your baby, whether it’s a boy or a girl. Blue is nice too since it can also be used by our baby girls as well. Anyway, you still have your own preference in terms of choosing your own crib bedding set.