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feeding bottlesIf you are a breastfeeding mom, then you may not need this now. Although, if you cannot nurse your baby every time she needs to be fed, you can also make use of these feeding bottles to store your milk and freeze them for the meantime, then just give them to your baby later on.

Feeding bottles comes in many sizes. If your baby is newly born, then mostly you will prefer to use the smaller ones for them. As they grow and as their feeding become more frequent, then you can make use of the larger ones instead.

There are even training feeding bottles for our babies, who are appropriate to 8 months old and up, or to any baby who’s already capable of holding their feeding bottles. There are feeding bottles with easy grips and handles in which the baby can easily hold the bottles on their own.

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Also, did you know that the nipples for our baby’s feeding bottles come in different sizes, and each has a tiny hole which is different from the other? For our newborns, the hole is usually a tiny round one. As she gets a bit older, you can shift to a nipple with a larger hole (a straight one, looks like |) to make her feeding easier. There are also nipples designed to those who have difficulties in sucking (like babies with cleft pallet). The nipples for their feeding bottles are designed to have cross holes (looks like X hole) to make is easier for them to suck milk.

Feeding bottles is another one great choice as a gift, since they can be use for a long time. Just make sure to buy the high quality ones which do not easily break even with frequent sterilizing, or even frequent hitting in the ground- especially when the baby holds it then just throw it afterwards. By the way, if you are to give these feeding bottle set for the baby, you can also accompany it with a sterilizer if you like; that would be a very nice idea as well.