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toysOf course, what more can you think of giving these little ones but a bunch of toys!

There are so many toys to give them. If you’ll go to a toy shop, you’ll be given hundreds or even thousands of choices. You are fully surrounded with all these kids stuffs- having different sizes, colors, for different ages, for girls, for boys, and even unisex toys.

But not all that is offered to you will be good for your little ones. Sure they are all toys and our babies will really love to have them all. But, making a wise choice in selecting the right toys for them can really help our kids a lot in the long run.

So, what about making the right choice? First, buy toys that are suited for the ages of the baby. If she is just newly born, buying her some Barbie dolls of makeup kit toys will be inappropriate; although her mom can keep that for the meantime and just give it to her when she’s in the right age.

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Also, buy toys that are chemically safe. There had been news before that certain toys have this lead content on toys made of plastics, which is poisonous once it gets inside our bodies. Of course, who wants that to happen to our babies?

One nice idea is to choose toys that are educational to them, like colorful building blocks, ABC puzzles, stacking toys, etc. Although for now, if your baby is still one year and below, you can choose to give her pacifiers, rattles, mobiles, stuff toys, and other related kind instead; just make sure they will be safe enough for them.