Baby Clothes

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baby clothesThis is one of the most important necessities for our babies. Although many of us still make a few mistakes in buying baby clothes for our babies, still, this is definitely one kind of gift that moms out there would really want to receive for their babies.

Just some things to consider. Remember that they grow too fast, and in buying those baby clothes, be sure to give them some allowances, so the baby can make use of them longer. For example, if she’s 3 months old, you can buy her a baby dress which is for 4-5 months old instead; if she’s quite fat and big for her age, of course the tendency is make choose of even a bigger size than that.

Also, as much as possible, buy them baby clothes that are comfortable to wear, with breathable fabrics and with openings on the neck / collar part so we can easily take on and off their clothes. Choosing baby clothes made from 100% cotton is always the best idea.

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Also, you can choose to buy them clothes having different colors and prints. But for babies who’s less than 1 year, it is better to buy them clothes with plain colors, or white is even better. Why? With this, you’ll immediately see if there are any ants or insects or any other unnecessary little creatures in their clothes and can remove them right away.

In choosing baby clothes, first and foremost, you should consider the comfort of your babies. Forget about the fashion and style. Just keep in mind that’s what’s most important is they are comfortable with what they are wearing, not irritated and can move freely and can play at ease all day.